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Oh yes did anybody want to know about the 1996 mnemonic (glass box). It was filled on Friday, August 9 and Wednesday, August 14, 1996. It was filled the Senior Advisor Jim Lonardo, always and forever the Class of 1996 Senior Caucus President Igor Teper and the omni-present behind the scenes person Andy Woo. It definitely took a lot of coordination and patience to take the glass cover out and decide how in the end it would look. But in the end the time capsule took its place in Stuy history forever. Oh what's in it? Let us see. First letís find where the box is. Walk through the front Tribeca Bridge entrance and letís take a short walk to the first escalator (which is supposedly running) taking us up from the second floor to the fourth floor. Everybody remembers that. Well nobody could miss it. Itís the only non-filled glass box (mnemonic) on the left wall.


The stuff includes:

1) The fake snow is the most important thing in our box because we were the first class since 1978 to have a snow day. We even had two days off from school. Wow, we were special weren't we.

2) The miniature Statue of Liberty is a very sentimental object also. It symbolizes the last class to actually see the statue of Liberty in the New York Harbor. The new New York Mercantile Exchange is blocking the beautiful misty view. It will be even more sad when the new Intermediate School/ apartment is built. No more great view of the World Trade Center and the World Financial Center. We would have to go out to the Hudson River Park (which is now called the Nelson A. Rockerfeller Park (shouldnít it be called the New Stuyvesant Park?).

3) The SING ticket in the back symbolizes the thrilling victory after finishing last as Soph-Frosh in 1994 and as Juniors in 1995.

4) The three miniature swords has a dual meaning. First, it represents the three consecutive championships of the amazing Untouchables. It also represents the three swords of the women heroines in SENIOR SING!


5) The small female penguin represents the girls' swimming team's three consecutive championships. The Penguins deserve more publicity. Besides the penguin fits so well in the snow. It looks so cute!

6) The old student ID card is in the box, too. But there is no student in the card. The card contains a picture Mr. John Lapolla. He surely deserves a spot in the box because he changed the face of the Stuyvesant High School Student Union in our graduating year. His job as COSA was done really well. Besides the front of the old ID card says Stuyvesant High School Student Union, not ID card.

7) The box contains a ticket to Dwight Gooden's no-hitter. I believed it made a mark in New York City history on that memorable May night. He proved anybody can comeback. We are also hoping the Yankees will win the World Series.

8) The sad evolution of the MTA is represented in the mnemonic also.

There is the old token with the silver filled middle.

There is the new smaller token with the pentagon hole.

There is also the MetroCard which can now be used on every bus in the city. We love the MTA don't we. Four years of traveling did us in.

9) There is an Arch Deluxe logo symbolizing us as the first graduating class to eat one. But it also represents the place where a lot of us went to pick up a snack or lunch at the local Chambers Street McDonaldís.

10) The Atlanta 1996 Centennial Olympics logo is in the mnemonic too. A lot of us went to see the 100th anniversary of the games back in our own backyard. It was a terrific Olympics featuring Michael Johnson, Kerri Strug, and the ever popular Carl Lewis and countless other heroes. People should know that Liz Ren did hold the torch when it went through New York City.

11) The most controversial thing we put in was the Arista 1996 button. I know what a few people think of Arista. But Arista deserves a lot of credit for performing lots of school activities affecting people in or out of the building. With Chad leaving who knows if it will ever be the same.

12) With an Arista button, SING, and two winning teams we needed one more object that will represent another number of us who did something for the school. We came up with a logo from the BIG SIBS. They have always done a great job preparing new students for their transition into Stuy. Their hard work will be shown by this.

13) Calvin and Hobbes of course deserved a spot in our box. Ah yes the good old days, where the newspaper had good comics. Well there is a mini- book cover of their last tenth anniversary book before they ceased publishing. We will always remember reading about the adventures of the wacky blonde spiked-haired 6-year-old with his imaginary tiger.

14) The most saddest thing in the box is the obituary of Mr. Kahn. It was the most honorable thing to do. We will miss the man who shall always have a place in our hearts. We truly wanted to put a picture of him in there. He is however pictured in two other previous years' boxes. So we chose to not have another picture but just a simple obituary for a special man.
This box has taken a place in my heart and should in all the other graduating seniors of 1996.

The mnemonic is to me the most colorful block in the school. It has the best picture in the background of the school in which we were the first class to spend a full four years in. Simply put, it is a great box to me. Considering I obtained everything for it and even grated the fake snow with a cheese grater with 3 Styrofoam cubes. It's hard work for the most special class, the Class of 1996. This box was formed by the "specialness" of the Class of 1996, what it has accomplished, what has happened, and what we will remember.

It is open to viewing at anytime of day, especially during school hours. If it is warranted tell me if you would want to have a small ceremony for maybe Thanksgiving weekend, reach me at college by e-mail at:

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