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As a part of remembering each other someone sent this letter around. I'm positive that everyone knows what this letter means and that we have all felt this way. So in our sophomore year, we should somehow contact the friends we once knew and came to know in any way, especially if you have never forgotten them, not simply as an alumni but as a friend...

it's weird how each day passes by in high school just like the one before it, everything seeming to be same-old, same-old. it's the same friends, doing the same things, taking for granted the times u spend with these friends of ure's. then one day, u graduate. then u realize what these times mean, what these friends mean to u. sure u expect it, try to prepare for it, let the friends u care and love know that u care and love them. so u all promise to keep in touch, visit whenever u can, even a long distance phone call when u really wanna say hello. so u email and they email back and write and whatnot. but then, those emails start coming less and less, those visits less frequent, those phone calls once in a blue moon. then, it just stops. ure in a new life, u've met new ppl, u've sort of moved on. it's nobody's fault; it's just the way things go. but sometimes u just stop and think. and u think back to those times when u hung out with so and so and did that with him or her. and it all just comes back to u, the same feelings, the great fun and happiness u had with those precious friends of the past. once in awhile, u just miss the memories and the old friends that u cherished so much. i know i haven't spoken or seen some of u in awhile. god knows how terrible i've been with email, and just keeping in touch in general. but i guess u can say i just stopped and thought. stopped and thought about how i miss the times we had before. and i just wanted to let u know that i appreciated them. i know some of u hate mass mail, and i'm sorry about this, but i hope u won't mind this message. i guess it's just my little way of saying hi to some old friends and letting u know that i still remember. hey, have a happy thanksgiving; i hope u guys are doing great. take care everyone. =), Anonymous

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