Stuyvesant Alum '85 Book on Stuy out Tuesday, 8/21
So selective that it admits only 3 percent of the kids who take its intense entrance exam, Stuyvesant High School is the pride of New York City's public schools. In the spring of 2006, author and Washington Post reporter Alec Klein, an '85 Stuyvesant alum, spent a semester with the teachers, students, and parents of the vaunted school to find out what makes it so special. His new book A Class Apart: Prodigies, Pressure, and Passion Inside One of America's Best High Schools describes the experience.

An interview with Alec Klein:

Book on sale here on the web:
Price: $16.50
Online Price:$20.00

Stuyvesant HS event:

Event Info Name: A Class Apart at Stuy High
Tagline: Join Stuy Alum and Author Alec Klein as he launches
A Class Apart: Prodigies, Pressure, and Passion Inside One of America's Best High Schools.
Host: Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association
Type: Party - Mixer
Time and Place Date:
Monday, September 17, 2007
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Stuyvesant High School
Street: 345 Chambers Street
City/Town: New York, NY

Borders Book signing:

Alec Klein has written the story of Stuyvesant High School, one of American's best public schools and the high school Klein himself attended in the 1980s. He's woven years of background research on Stuyvesant and schools like it nationwide with the story of a semester he spent attending Stuyvesant again, in 2006, observing present-day students and sharing their personal struggles and achievements.

September 18, 2007
7:00 PM

Location: In Store

Manhattan - Columbus Circle
10 Columbus Circle
New York, NY

Stuy Young Alunni Bar Event this Thursday, 8/23

Stuy Young Alumni Bar Night
drink with the dorks!

Event Info Name: Stuy Young Alumni Bar Night
Tagline: drink with the dorks!
Type: Party - Bar Night
Time and Place Start Time: Thursday, August 23, 2007 at 6:00pm
End Time: Friday, August 24, 2007 at 12:00am
Location: Choice  
Street: 3rd Ave, b/w 27th & 28th St
City/Town: New York, NY

Congrats to Lee Wang and the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival Student Visionary Award

Student Visionary Award – Someone Else's War, directed by Lee Wang (U.S.A./Philippines). Sponsored by Apple. Winner receives an Apple Mac Pro Desktop with a 23" Display Final Cut Studio 2 and the art award “Untitled (4/6/06),” created by Carroll Dunham and graciously donated by the Barbara Gladstone Gallery. Award presented by Emmy Rossum.

Her video accepting the award is on Yahoo at:

You can come see Lee's film at the CUNY Asian/Asian American Research Institute Evening Lecture Series

Where: 25 West 43rd Street, 19th Floor,
between 5th & 6th Avenues, Manhattan
When: Friday, 5/11: 6PM to 8PM
Admission: $3 (Non-Member); Free (Member)
Ilya Magazanin as editor of the film, Amexicano
[AMEXI] Discovery 2007, 86 mins
Interests: New York, Drama, Latino, Social Issues, NYcomp, Immigration
A low-key, charming depiction of working-class American life, this rare 
gem explores the surprising bond between a hard-working illegal immigrant and a blue-collar 
Italian American from Queens. Wrestling language barriers and racial prejudices, the two grow 
closer as their worlds expand, while the permanent threat of deportation looms large. 
In English and Spanish. 
Sat, Apr 28, 7:30pm	Regal Cinemas Theater 11 | $18 
Tue, May 1, 11:00pm	Regal Cinemas Theater 5 | $18
Sat, May 5, 11:15am	AMC 34th Street Theater 11 | $18
Sun, May 6, 4:30pm	AMC 34th Street Theater 12 | $18 

Lee Wang as director, producer, camera, and editor of Someone Else's War

[LEGAC] Shorts in Competition - Student 2006, 25 mins
Plays In Family Legacy
Interests: Documentary, Female Directors
Thu, Apr 26, 11:15pm	AMC 34th Street Theater 14 | $18
Sat, Apr 28, 5:30pm	AMC Kips Bay Theater 12 | $18
Tue, May 1, 10:00pm	Regal Cinemas Theater 11 | $18
Fri, May 4, 8:00pm	AMC Kips Bay Theater 13 | $18
Sun, May 6, 2:00pm	AMC Village VII Theater 1 | $18

Etc. Comedy team show: 5/10
The etc team lead by classmate Gene Perelson and 
Jamil Ellis '94 are at it again with a show Thursday night, 5/10.
Check out the website and find the hilarious 'Black Quantum Leap' video!
Damn, it's a new show from etc...!
"etc... (experimental troupe comedy)" <etc_news@...>
Sat, 28 Apr 2007 14:25:42 -0400
"etc mailing List" <etc-news@...>

The 2007 season of etc… (Experimental Troupe Comedy) cracks its head wide open on May 10th, leaving a pool of blood, guts, and a new improvisatory show, Co-workers  _____ing.

Tired of ____ ing improv shows that go through the motions?  Finally, an original improvisational show in which you can see co-workers on stage ____ ing their brains out…live!  I know what you're thinking, "I have cable, and I can watch _____ ing anytime I want," but did we mention that this was live and ____ing unscripted?  Let's see if your television can ___ ing do that!  Watch as our improv troupe avoid the _____ing work that office drones are normally swamped with.  They can't work... they're too busy  ___ing!

Come see Experimental Troupe Comedy's show at 8:30pm on May 10th at Gotham City Improv (48 W 21st St bet 5th and 6th Ave) to fill in the blanks.  
Created and Produced by etc… (Experimental  Troupe Comedy)
Directed by Jamil Ellis and Chris Chan Roberson  
Performed by Amy Albert, Jackie Danziger, Kevin Flinn, Justin Leahy, Ankit Mody, Gene Perelson, and Sarah Spiegelman.
John Frank hosts charity happy hour event @ Proof
Cross Pollination
Location:   Proof
239 3rd Ave, New York, NY
When:  Saturday, May 19, 5:00pm
Phone:  917-482-6567
Email: johnfrank@...
Suggested donation: 20 buckaroonies
Charity: the Northshore Anti-Graffiti Volunteers.

Mr. Frank says the cost of a movie for two or 3 drinks in most bars in NYC.  Let's use this opportunity to help a cause.  The chosen   I work with them, and we are nearing our major season of painting over graffiti (the summer months are when we need the dollars for paints and supplies and to keep gas in the truck).  All donations are tax deductible.

Is Stuy just ok to the British consultants?

"When it comes to those criteria, the highly competitive school on Chambers St. received a "proficient" - the middle verdict on a scale of undeveloped, proficient or well-developed.  The consultants knocked Stuyvesant for teachers who do little more than lecture to the school's 3,000 students, and for stressed-out kids who don't know where to get help.  Stuyvesant critics suggest the consultants are unmasking problems hidden behind the phenomenal test scores of self-motivated kids. But others say the city is just wasting money."
We all know that whatever people say is probably true ;)!

NY Times quote:
Harvard Admissions officer: “If the 19th person from Stuyvesant is better than the only kid from North Dakota, take the kid from Stuyvesant.”

April 28 book release date for Jessica Valenti:
Our classmate, Jessica Valenti and prominent feminist writer and blogger on
Jessica's worked hard to put together her views and other "forward-looking messages" in a new book coming out 4/28/2007: Full Frontal Feminism, similar to what's published on her popular website,

It's available for pre-order now on Amazon according to Jessica:
and even at Barnes and Noble:

Great job Jessica! and let us know when you do book signings!

Upcoming Ninth Street Mission performance:
Quinn Raymond, his wife, Nami and Adam Chimera
Check out their site:

10 Year Reunion Guestlist:

For the most recent 10 Year Reunion paid guestlist, go to the reunion page.


10 Year Reunion E-vite:

Hey folks-

Believe it or not, it's been 10 years since you graduated high school. In an effort to take the edge off of the relief (or shock) this realization may bring, the Class of 1996 Stuy Reunion Committee has worked hard to organize an evening full of celebration, nostalgia and alcohol. Featuring:

• A variety of passed hors d’oeuvres
• 3 hours of open bar (including some top shelf drinks)
• Raffle prizes for early attendees
• Select school memorabilia for purchase
• Pre-event visit to the school*
• Music/song requests

This evite is an informal way to get a headcount of the people who plan to attend. You should have received the office invitation in the mail. You must send in your payment for the event in order to be officially registered.

OR you can register online NOW by clicking on the following link:

*The Stuy96 Reunion Committee would also like to invite everyone to drop by and visit our beloved Stuyvesant HS at 345 Chambers Street:

Date: Saturday, 11/25/06
Time: Before the reunion, 3pm-7pm.
Setting: Informal, Walk Through on your own with an ID sticker to be supplied by the Reunion Committee.

The Community Center at Stuyvesant HS has generously allowed the Committee to host a table at the front door where you can pick up Stuy Reunion ID stickers during the specified time. Please be advised that we are being given permission by the Battery Park City Conservancy to visit the school and their security will be in attendance.

The Class of 1996 Reunion Committee looks forward to seeing everyone and their guests at the event! Please forward this evite to other members of the Class of 1996 who may not be included in this guestlist or simply send their email addresses to and they will added to the guestlist.


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well! Could you believe New York City got it's first real snowfall this past weekend. A nice sight for winter's eyes :)! We would like to mention a few items.
First, would be a survey of last year's fun 5th Year Reunion. Please click on the following link to fill out as many details and opinions as you can.


Yes, some of the data are required fields. All of it would be helpful for both short term and long term planning though! Just imagine, a nice celebration for the 345 Chambers St.'s 10th Brithday in the Fall!

The following is a link to the Stuy Spectator article written by sophomore Jenny Lin about our reunion. Thanks Jenny!

SPECTATOR: Stuy96 5th Year Reunion - unedited article

The second link goes to a scan of the exact printed article as appeared in the December 13, 2001 edition of the paper.

SPECTATOR: Stuy96 5th Year Reunion - printed article, scanned

And you can as always review pictures from the 5th Year Reunion on our class website as taken by sophomore, Chis Pak. Thanks Chris!

Stuy96 5th Year Reunion Pictures

There will be some periodic additions there. (If anyone has anything new or more to add please e-mail them to or click on the main picture on the website at and we'll mention again you can post msgs. on the message board located just to the left of the main picture. Oh we're currently working on an e-mail directory for the website.

Once again we thank you for taking the time out to read this e-mail and extra thanks for those of you who get a chance to fill out the online survey. Together we will all make more memories. We hope to have another gathering again soon. Thanks again for all your support and look for another reunion in the near future and of course a grand celebration in 2004 celebrating Stuyvesant's 100th Birthday! We are proud alumni of the school with another 15 semifinalists with the Intel Science Talent Search yet again ;)!

NEWSDAY: Stuy wins 15 Semifinalist in Intel Science Talent Search!

Stay tuned for upcoming plans. And as always, spread the word!

If there are any lingering issues please e-mail us at or call us at (212) 894-3748 x9916 and if you have any news to bring up please post them on the same message board as mentioned above: SIGN THE GUESTBOOK SIGN THE GUESTBOOK

You can all view the responses at:

Sincerely yours,
The Stuy96 Reunion Committee
(212) 894-3748 x9916

5th Year Reunion Plans: The Reunion Committee is already in motion with about 10 months of planning time. The form,, will go a long way to help plan it. Right now, the group consists of 8 people including the Bayside, Queens' next city councilman and honorary Stuy96 grad, John Frank. Please e-mail us at with any comments and questions. Planning is in its early stages as we gear up for a celebration featuring your input. As of now the event is slated for fall (Thanksgiving) 2001. Participation, even in its smallest form, means a lot! (05 Feb 2001) and e-mail: If any of you would like to have special stuy96 userid (which would forward mail to your real account) please e-mail Andy Woo,, with that request. Please e-mail a username you would like and he will try to accommodate you with a username). As of now the website ( is weak. It's still a bunch of loose links of old news. If any of you have any news to share please feel free and let Andy know at Thanks! (05 Feb 2001)

Mr. Frank and City Council run: As many of you probably already know, John Frank, formerly our class speaker/ history teacher is running for City Council in 2001 representing Bayside and Northern Queens. Between the two of us, we hope to invite a conduct various of stuy96 and campaign events, for anyone interested. Contact John at if you would like to help volunteer or browse his website at Wouldn't you really would like to see fellow "peers" win! Thanks! (05 Feb 2001)

Stuyvesant Class of 2001 adds 16 more to illustrious Science Talent Search Tradition! Congratulations to the 16 Semifinalists of the 60th Annual Science Talent Search (2000-2001). We are all grateful that you have all continued the excellence in science at New York's First Science High School! Congratulations to all of you that had participated! Read about the press release of the 300 national semifinalists. Finalists will be named on January 31st! (26 Jan 2001)

Stuyvesant Spectator Online is now online! Please visit the site and see what's new at the new school! Stuyvesant's biggest publication reached the internet this November. Please . feel free to give them suggestions.(21 Nov 2000)

Stuy 100th Birthday will be in the year 2004. We are now less than five years away from Stuyvesant's centennial celebration. The Alumni Association is beginning to conceptualize the events and projects to celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion. If you have an idea you want to contribute, or if you want to help us plan, please write to us at

Dr. Richard Rothenberg '63 Mathematics Wing had been dedicated. Feel free to browse the following link, for a gallery of pictures of the Kathryn Seagall-Marx Tribute for the Richard Rotherberg '63 Mathematics Wing It was it's first anniversary on December 20, 2000 on the 4th Floor of the New Stuyvesant building! (16 Jan 2001)

New York Times Scholarship Winner Mei Ying Lai'00 Congratulations to Mei Ying for winning the award along with 5 other New York City students. This year Stuyvesant has four semifinalists: Congratulations to Rebecca Garber, Jennifer Lee, Natalya Shapiro, and Karena Wong! We hope all of you have a chance to win that scholarship! Please browse the following link, for an old Article on New York Times Scholarship Winner Mei Ying Lai'00. Hey, it's never too late to congratulate winners! (16 Jan 2001)

Congratulations to Ying Wu for being named to the USA Today All-USA Academic Team!

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