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Remember the first day of the first year of the first time in your life you started your journey to getting old,

Remember the roommates, the fears, the tears, the nerves, setting up the room, taking it apart and then rearranging it all over again,

Remember the first girl who caught your eye, that same girl who you will still remember as your first college crush,

Remember attempting to keep in touch with high school friends and succeeding until you realized what a phone bill REALLY meant,

Remember promising to never change, but then realizing that's an impossible promise to keep when high school has passed and you've moved on,

Remember those first friends you shared your fears with, who soon became acquaintances,

Remember those neighbors and classmates, who ended up becoming your closest friends,

Remember holding back the tears on those days when you just wanted to be home again, to feel safe again,

Remember those days you felt you couldn't relate to ANYONE, you felt you had no place, and just calling home would make it worse,

Remember those drunken nights when the times you shared with your friends will forever hold a place in your memory and your heart,

Remember those bonding nights, when you never felt closer to a certain person, and how that closeness creates ties that never die,

Remember how you never realized the importance of family, until you didn't see them everyday,

Remember telling friends the deepest secrets of your life, and knowing they'd remain secrets,

Remember the craziness of the dorm, getting sudden bursts of energy and looking for people, even total strangers, to harass,

Remember pulling all nighters, and never thinking they were as bad as they sounded until you actually lived through one,

Remember those nights you were so drunk you held conversations with strangers and seeing them the next day and remembering,

Remember how those strangers soon became familiar faces and someone to chat with,

Remember hangovers, and promising yourself you were never going to do this to yourself again,

Remember how quickly that promise was broken,

Remember when your closet stretched throughout the whole floor and you never had to worry about a lack of clothes anymore,

Remember how over breaks you had the chance to step back and really see the friends you made and the memories shared, and you were satisfied,

Remember thinking HOW MUCH your life has changed in just months,

Remember that dream guy, you thought about so much, who when he finally opened his mouth, changed your opinion of him forever,

Remember how that girl you once lived for soon became a joke and an excuse for you and your friends to laugh at yourself,

Remember the times, never forget them, even the little ones can hold the greatest meaning,

Remember to never lose touch with those friends you've made here at college, because you have all changed and grown enormously together, and that is something very sacred to be shared,

Remember you are only here for a short while, the time flies before you realize it, so make it last, make it memorable, make it the best time of your life, and make the best memories that you can carry with you for the rest of your days,

Remember this doesn't last forever so never let a day go by without living it to the fullest,

Remember to never let a day go by without a laugh,

Remember to love the ones you love, life isn't forever,

Remember the laughs, let them echo in the back of your mind,

Remember to love your friends, whether they come, go, love you or hurt you, NEVER let anyone go,

And always remember, when you leave here in four years you are leaving with much more than you walked in here with.

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