10 YEAR REUNION Stuy Alumni News Article (published Spring 2007)


10 Year Reunion Guestlist:

For the most recent 10 Year Reunion paid guestlist, go to the reunion page.


10 Year Reunion E-vite:

Hey folks-

Believe it or not, it's been 10 years since you graduated high school. In an effort to take the edge off of the relief (or shock) this realization may bring, the Class of 1996 Stuy Reunion Committee has worked hard to organize an evening full of celebration, nostalgia and alcohol. Featuring:

• A variety of passed hors d’oeuvres
• 3 hours of open bar (including some top shelf drinks)
• Raffle prizes for early attendees
• Select school memorabilia for purchase
• Pre-event visit to the school*
• Music/song requests

This evite is an informal way to get a headcount of the people who plan to attend. You should have received the office invitation in the mail. You must send in your payment for the event in order to be officially registered.

OR you can register online NOW by clicking on the following link:

*The Stuy96 Reunion Committee would also like to invite everyone to drop by and visit our beloved Stuyvesant HS at 345 Chambers Street:

Date: Saturday, 11/25/06
Time: Before the reunion, 3pm-7pm.
Setting: Informal, Walk Through on your own with an ID sticker to be supplied by the Reunion Committee.

The Community Center at Stuyvesant HS has generously allowed the Committee to host a table at the front door where you can pick up Stuy Reunion ID stickers during the specified time. Please be advised that we are being given permission by the Battery Park City Conservancy to visit the school and their security will be in attendance.

The Class of 1996 Reunion Committee looks forward to seeing everyone and their guests at the event! Please forward this evite to other members of the Class of 1996 who may not be included in this guestlist or simply send their email addresses to and they will added to the guestlist.


This is the most recent list from of paid Class of '96 paid alumni for the 10 Year Reunion. Please click on the Invite link to pay for the event if you haven't already done so.  Thanks!


Benny Adler
Shane Antony
Anthony Baek
David Berzin
Jeffrey Borland
Sarah Boyd
Samuel Bucholtz
Jeannine Cason Rodgers
Julie Chau
Diana Chen
Baldwin Chien
Emily Chiu
Jannelle Choi
Jason Chung
Maggie Consor
Kelia Cummins
Adam Dansiger
Chi Wang Dong
Olive Simone Eckstein
Billy Eichner
Rebecca Ellin
David Epstein
Amanda Estrine
Sam Feinstein-Feit
Justin Fox
John Frank
Ran Fuchs
David Fusco
Jane Garrido
Michele Gatto
Abigail Gaunt
Andrew Glenn
Keith Goldberg
Irene Greenberger Yachbes
Jeff Henle
Cara Hirsch
Allison Hornstein
Robert Horwitz
Paula Howell
Aimee Hsiung
Betty Huang
Henry Huang
Dan Hymowitz
Carolyn Im
Esti Iturralde
Prerna Kapur
HanNa Kim Wooh
Jennifer Kim
Jennifer Kingsley
Lindsey Knapp
Erica Lee
Frances Lee
Marcos Leiva
Serena Leung
Raymond Li
Ying Li
Susie Lim
Paul Lin
Scott Lin
Jimmy Liu
Cindy Lo
Ilya Magazanin
Richard Mallah
Dominic Maniscalco
Melissa Marrus
Meredith Massey
Anson Mau
Itai Maytal
Kate Mogulesco
Melanie Monroe Rosen
Diana Mui
Hana Nakamura
Hoi Ning Ngai
Michael Park
Eugene Perelson
Desire Principe
Joel Ramin
Molly Robinson
Daniel Ron
Heath Rosenthal
Danielle Samalin
Matei Sanders
Katie Schaaf
Diane Semizian
Yvette Sermons
Sari Sharaby
Joseph Sherinsky
Josiah Silverstein
Christina Simone Backes
Narvin Singh
Josh Sohn
Sharla St. Rose-Donnelly
Alan Suen
Haley Swilling
Shirwah Tam
John Tzannes
Tushar Udeshi
Penney Vachiraprapun
Vasisht Vadi
Jessica Valenti
Alex Veytsel
James Wang
Eva Werk
Allen Wong
Kwok Wong
Wai Kin Wong
Andy Woo
Stanley Wooh
Grace Wu
Ying Wu
Jason Yan
Glenn Yiu
Sue Yoo
William Youssef
Amy Yu
Alexa Zimmerman

Stuy96 10 Year Reunion Postcard

Stuy96 10 Year Reunion Form


Woolworth Tower Kitchen,

233 Broadway, on Barclay Street

across from City Hall Park

Saturday, November 25th, 2006
8PM - 11PM

$55/person, before 11/07 11/11
$60/person, after 11/07 11/11
$65 per person at the door, 11/25
All reunion proceeds made at the Stuy96 reunion will go towards the Stuyvesant HS Alumni Association.


Here's a summary of what we've heard so far:
34% will be somewhere on this planet having fun or working hard
62% will be Working at a job

With the tightest issue being the time, currently
Thanksgiving day weekend is edging Columbus Day weekend

53% - 34%

Reunion location popular options has the school itself leading a bar,

42% - 34%.
66% of the respondants believe it should have an open bar with extras and finger foods.

Following the cost issue which will be closely watched had 42% of the responders saying $60 could be livable price, but we'll do our best to figure something there or lower.

Check out the details here:

The Committee expects to put take the final numbers by early January to help create a plan during the Spring 2006. Weigh in your thoughts as soon as you can. Our Stuy96 Reunion Committee is currently brainstorming ideas and wanted to learn how we can make next year’s event fun and unforgettable. We’d greatly appreciate if you could take time to fill out this brief survey in the link if you have yet to do it:





Yes, some of the data are required fields. All of it would be helpful for both short term and long term planning though! Just imagine, a nice celebration for the 345 Chambers St.'s 10th Brithday in the Fall!

The following is a link to the Stuy Spectator article written by sophomore Jenny Lin about our reunion. Thanks Jenny!

SPECTATOR: Stuy96 5th Year Reunion - unedited article

The second link goes to a scan of the exact printed article as appeared in the December 13, 2001 edition of the paper.

SPECTATOR: Stuy96 5th Year Reunion - printed article, scanned

And you can as always review pictures from the 5th Year Reunion on our class website as taken by sophomore, Chis Pak. Thanks Chris!

Stuy96 5th Year Reunion Pictures


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well! We hope you all continued to party on after the awesome reunion on Saturday at the South St. Seaport, Pier 17. We bet you all still can't believe that our 5th Year Reunion is over. You can all review the pictures and action on our class website as taken by the student photographer:


or click on the main picture above

We want to thank each and every one of you who showed up and helped make it a special night. We hope that you all got a chance to share stories with old friends about what you've been up to the past few years. We're glad that around 225+ (we're still doing the math :)...) of you came from far as California, New Orleans, even Wyoming and as close as we'll say Staten Island. Together we all made memories and helped for the greater cause of charity. We currently have helped raise thousands of dollars for a scholarship for a Stuyvesant senior who had lost a father in the World Trade Center and is now without parentless. We hope that this is a start for a new beginning for the student and for all future alumni.

It has been a long year of planning and figuring out how to celebrate our five long years after Stuyvesant, but we all made this gathering a fun reality. If you have any comments please post them on the message board located just to the left of the main picture on or e-mail us at

And we hope to possibly do it again soon, since we're almost positive we didn't hear everyone's story. Thanks again for all your support and look for another reunion in the near future (any suggestions?) and of course a grand celebration in 2004 celebrating Stuyvesant's 100th Birthday! Stay tuned for the Stuy Spectator article and an updated details about our reunion in the next e-mail.

If there are any lingering issues please e-mail us at or call us at (212) 894-3748 x9916
and if you have any news to bring up please
post them on the same message board as mentioned above:

You can all view the responses at:

Sincerely yours,
The Stuy96 Reunion Committee
Andy Woo, Dana King, Cindy Lo, Ilya Magazanin, HanNa Kim, Lana Wong,
and big special thanks goes to:
Katie Schaaf, Quinn Raymond, Shuvo Dasitidar who also contributed time & effort
(212) 894-3748 x9916


Hey Stuy96ers,
The time has finally come to announce our new 5th Year Reunion
plans. Your patience has been greatly appreciated as the reunion committee
was busily trying to replan after our displacement from our previous
location at the World Financial Center.
We are pleased to announce that the event is as follows (or take
a look at the Acrobat pdf file attached...):


South Street Seaport
Pier 17, Manhattan
3rd Floor Atrium
(Facing The Brooklyn Bridge)

Saturday, November 24th, 2001
8PM - 11PM

$40/person*, suggested price
with $5 given to a charity:
Vote At The Reunion For
Red Cross, United Way, Or Salvation Army

Casual Attire.
*No Sneakers And Jeans, Please.

Please make checks payable to the:
Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association

And send checks to:

Stuy96 Reunion
Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association
PO Box 3531
New York, NY 10008-3531

Please e-mail us at once you send out the check and we'll add you to our tentative guest list.

So, Please start sending in those responses! We'd love a great turnout! An e-vite should follow this e-mail within the coming week with an unofficial form. A postcard should be mailed out by the end of the week! Thank you!


Organized By The Stuy96Reunion Committee
Questions? Send to:
(212) 894-3748 x9916

Please feel free to post your comments on the website:
and view others at:

Note: Questions about refunds from the original reunion payment of $50 should be forwarded to and we will get back with you as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience.

The Stuy96Reunion Committee


Greetings everyone,

We bet you all can't believe that time has dwindled down to almost a month until our scheduled reunion! We thank you for all of your patience regarding the planning of our 5th Year Celebration. The Reunion Committee is continuing to work hard to find a new location with new criteria after being displaced from the World Financial Center.

We apologize that we have not gotten back to every e-mail and/ or phone call received. It's been hard to keep track of it all working between the Alumni Association and our regular daily jobs, as most of you can understand. We can tell you a couple of new notes that we do know about the reunion based on several of your suggestions over the past few months. The reunion will be held Saturday night, November 24, 2001 as opposed to the original Friday date of 11/23. Also, the price of this reunion will cost less due to the fact there is so little time to relocate and to recover costs from the previous planning. For those of you that have already paid, (you can check the the website at: for the most recent guest list that was received about a week ago.) we will return the cost difference, either at the reunion or at a later date. So continue to stay tuned via e-mail or website and save the date in November! We hope to choose a location by early next week. We will try to send an e-mail and a new postcard out. We greatly appreciate your support and understanding.

Please feel free to post your comments on the website:
and view others at:

And feel free to continue to give us comments to our planning please e-mail us at:
Thanks again! Good Luck and Be Well!

The Stuy96 Reunion Committee

Dear fellow alumni,

The events of the past week have affected all of us. I hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and accounted for, well and fine. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in this time of tragedy.
I have made available a guest book for comments on the web site to let us know that you are all okay. If there is any suggestion of what we could do together as a group, please let me know.

Please sign the Guestbook to let us know how you are doing...
Please view the Guestbook for any comments

Thank you and please continue to stay in touch during these difficult times.

The American Red Cross 1-800-448-3543
The NY Blood Center 1-800-933-2566
The United Way Sept. 11th Fund 212-251-4035
NY State WTC Relief Fund 1-800-801-8092

Sincerely yours,
Andy Woo

Updates about the current Stuy: Please visit the school site at, or at Mr. Zamansky's other site at

5th Year Reunion Plans: The Reunion Committee is in motion with about 2 months of planning time. Updated news regarding the reunion will be discussed at a later date.
The previous form,, will go a long way to help plan it. Right now, the group consists of 8 people including the Bayside, Queens' next city councilman and honorary Stuy96 grad, John Frank. Please e-mail us at with any comments and questions. Planning is in its early stages as we gear up for a celebration featuring your input. As of now the event is slated for fall (Thanksgiving) 2001. Participation, even in its smallest form, means a lot!

Sahar Ahmad
Jimmy Ahn
Kevin Baldwin
David Berzin
Samuel Bucholtz
Harris Bulow
Michelle Carey
Tao Chao
Jody Chen
Li Chen
Eddie Chiang
Jennifer E. Cho
Kelia Cummings
Adam Dansiger
Zachary Datikashvilli & guest
Tommy Dien Wu
Ngina Duckett
Casey Eisemen
Rebecca Ellin
Amanda Estrine
Marie Ewald
Christina Francanilla
Ran Fuchs
David Fusco
Abigail Gaunt
Andrew Glenn
Debbie Greenberger
Jeff Henle
Paula Howell
Aimee Hsiung
Yi-Shan Huang
Estibaliz Iturralde
Thomas Jacobs
Elizabeth Johnston
Jonathan Kallus
Dana King
Jessica Klein
Denley Lam
Frances Lee
Steven J Lee
Jennifer Leong
Fanny Liu
Edward Lin
Cindy Lo
Iris Lo
Jun Lu
Ilya Magazanin
Clare McCarthy
Jia Mei
Kate Mogulescu
Richard Moy
Diana Mui
Brenda Ng
James Park
Brent Pasternack
Desiree Principe
Joshua Rahimzaden
Molly Robinson
Katie Schaaf
Joshua Sohn
James Song
Sandra Taddeucci
Maciej Tomasz Paluch
Maureen Turner
Alex Veytsel
Matthew Villella
Michelle Wang
Debora Wang
Isaac Wei
Rick Wilson
Andy Woo
Marcia Yablon
Glenn Yiu

Date: Friday, November 23,2001
Place: The Grill Room, 2 World Financial Center Winter Garden.
Time: 7:00 - 10:00 PM
Price: $50 per person before 9/15
$55 per person after 9/15
$60 per person at the door, 11/23

If you have any questions please e-mail the Stuy96 Reunion Committee at

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